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Furious Pete – 25 Rep Bench Contest Winners – Furious Fitness Episode 2.1

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25 Responses to “Furious Pete – 25 Rep Bench Contest Winners – Furious Fitness Episode 2.1”

  1. I’ve been bodybuilding for about 14 years. My bench is around 500. Squat 600 (Never really gone that heavy with legs) I have 21inch arms. Reason I’m saying this is i know what im talking about. If you consider that old man having poor form then its obvious you don’t pay much attention to bodybuilders like jay cutler, branch warren or even ronnie coleman. People who are form nazi’s tend not to worry about weight and doing as much as you can and as a result do not get a big as those who do

  2. did you ever get a shirt brah??

  3. where the new challenges/contest at?

  4. that fat kid. no way in hell that he is 65 kilos!! no way!!

  5. that fat kid. no way in hell that he is 65 kilos!! no way!!

  6. Cbatocomeupwithaname Reply December 22, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    >no ass raise allowed
    >doesnt go all the way down
    >basically everyone has shitty for

    shig pete

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  8. @Nathan Adams how tf can you judge the contest then? If that was the case you could do half reps and get under 20 seconds


  10. 0:11… A video, in a video, in a video @.@

  11. A six-pack is the ultimate sign of fitness and strength – both physically and mentally – because without patience hard work and sheer determination your chances of achieving solid washboard abs are akin to winning the lottery.

  12. Hey check out my benchpress video furious pete bw challenge but i did it on incline hahaha

  13. If I cut off the lower half of my body than I will only have to bench like one plate. Does that count?

  14. Yeah, but the extension oh that extra 1/2 inch to inch could easily the be difference of a second or two. This was a speed competition, with clearly stated rules, he didnt follow em, Period. So he didnt win, dunno why people are bitchin.

  15. Supposed to lock during powerlifting

  16. He might be able to eat but sure don’t know shit bout benching weight, you do NOT lock out your arms. Damages joints and doesn’t keep enough weight on your muscles to work them out to their max potential

  17. when is the next contest?

  18. what a dumbass your never supposed to lock out your arms in any weight lifting, it’s how you damage joints

  19. you fuckin serious caleb johanson didnt get a shirt or anything? i dont lock out my arms either because it works your chest a lot better when u dont, fuckin bullshit. i consider that harder than lockin out ur arms each time.

  20. i think he did well is all,i personally find the bench harder when i don’t fully lock at the top..

  21. The winner gets a shirt and a giftcard. He didnt win.

  22. BEAST!

  23. please do another contest like this, i wasnt able to participate in this as i just saw it today!

  24. please do another contest like this, i wasnt able to participate in this as i just saw it today!

  25. haha, TopDawgx99 goes to my school here in virginia. his shirt is from our university’s gym