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Power Girl Fitness – 20 Minute TOTAL BODY Fitness Workout for Girls

powergirlfitness.com Fun and effective, Doctor-Designed Fitness taught by girls for girls, featuring 10 year old, National Level competitive dancer Jessy Lipke. Recommended for girls 8 years of age and older, at all levels of fitness. Exercise in your own home. No experience or equipment required. Progress through 3 levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced, elite) as you get stronger. www.youtube.com

24 Responses to “Power Girl Fitness – 20 Minute TOTAL BODY Fitness Workout for Girls”

  1. WOW :D 

  2. how much weight have u lost since then!!1 becuase i want to loose a stone and a half!!!

  3. She is adorable. I wish I could have that kind of passion when I’m on video.

  4. dontstealmiigummyX3 Reply December 22, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    When I was this age, all I was worried about was getting candy. >-> This is why im forced to look up workout vids now. Props to you :D !

  5. by doing this exercise for a week and eating right + lots of water .. I lost 5 pounds!(:

  6. this is so cool

  7. my abs is lost T.T

  8. i have lost so much weight because of this

  9. thank you so much i have been doing this for three days and i have lost a lot of weight

  10. so cute..

  11. at least these kids care about their health! All I see everyday in the cafeteria is overweight kids fighting for the last bag of Cheetos while my group of friends and I are slim, healthy and muscular and eating a healthy lunch. Thank you, Dr. Lipke!

  12. i should do this workout

  13. woah..just woah. Breath kalan. Breath..

  14. 11:51 i have boobs.. i can’t do that!! :P

  15. I think it’s good that you exercise and stuff, but I’m a little scared. What have you been doing to get those abs??

  16. I’ve been doing this for 1 year now and I have abs… All thanks to you! :D

  17. i feel fat now im 14  and shes what 9. she hs abs and im just sitting here… wow

  18. This is okay if the child knows that it’s more focused in improving her/his health than in having a good shape, but it’s nice to see that kind of videos to fight obesity in children

  19. Awesome vid!
    I can’t believe I got my butt kicked by a group of pre-teens, gosh I’m out of shape..

  20. This is really a great exercise!!

  21. the video blocked at 23:31 i stayed that for a whole minute now im half dead

  22. She is from Canada

  23. Melinda Ponton-Molino Reply December 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    These workouts are amazing! I’m a little older then the age range for this but it’s perfect for the type of workout I’m looking for! I don’t want to lose any weight, but I do want to be in shape and toned. This is great, you girls are amazing!!

  24. the girls are awesome O_O