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ZUMBA® Fitness!!!

ZUMBA® Fitness is the latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has spread across the world. When I took this video almost 5 years ago, I had no idea the ZUMBA program would become a worldwide phenomenon, presently with 12000000 class participants a week in over 125 countries! After watching this video, it’s easy to see why! To experience a live ZUMBA® class, or to find an instructor near you, you should visit www.zumba.com. First I had seen or heard of ZUMBA® was when I filmed this at The Tampa Bay Linedance Classic in November 2006. It is COOL! Junior Willis, Guyton Mundy & his Pop Shop kids are loving it. And watch injured Stella Cabecca at the back! She couldn’t have recovered quicker if she had gone to Lourdes!! The instructor at the front (Tanya Beardsley) is AWESOME!! (Video by Nigel AMON) MORE INFORMATION – PLEASE READ. The instructor’s name is TANYA BEARDSLEY. She is a Master Trainer for Zumba. Although currently residing In St. Pete’s, Florida, she is moving to New York City on 21st January (2008), where she will be trying to grow the Zumba program in New England. She is co-host of the 2008 Zumba dvds, due to be released this month (Jan 2008) thru a Guthy Renker infomercial. If you wish to contact Tanya or require more information, her email address is dance2it@hotmail.com and her website is www.zumbafied.com. DO HER CLASS, OR GET THE VIDEOS! AS YOU CAN SEE SHE IS JUST SUPERB!

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25 Responses to “ZUMBA® Fitness!!!”

  1. this one is one of my favorites

  2. Shakira- hips don’t lie

  3. This woman can move!!! I couldnt keep up with the booty shakin!! haha I need more practice!

  4. c’est quoi le titre de la deniere chanson svp

  5. ive been trying a lot of zumba videos but still this one is the best!!

  6. 2:35 is good but 1:38 is  EPIC

  7. 2:35 best zumba dancer ever period!

  8. id kill for her stomach
    i’m getting there myself and i love it

  9. nice steps

  10. If you want to try Zumba you can get the videos here -> zumbahits.com

  11. quel est le titre et l’artiste de la 3ème musics, encore bravo Tania, depuis le début tu m’épate bravo

  12. tnx for this im realy having fun fallowing the dance step i enjoy it :)

  13. is this better than p90x ?

  14. imbossibru

  15. no se trata de entender como se viste la intructora se trata de como baila. eso es lo importante no la ropa..y por el baile que bien lo hace

  16. Fantastic

  17. sdfefagtl

  18. sasqwerthuuuaaaaa

  19. a lala sacre sandra

  20. Oh, I’m getting me some Zumba!

  21. Fun and a fantastic way to work out. Nobody said you have to keep up with instructor, just try.

  22. Everybody’s laughing at the show that the lady in the kimono in the back is doing along with the other guys in the back, and the lead dancer doesn’t even notice HAHAHA XD

  23. The Second Song is called “Hips don’t Lie” performed by Shakira

  24. there covering alot anyway.

  25. Zumba is hot!!