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How to Lose Weight (No BS!) [Intro]

You’ve decided to lose some weight, well good! My videos should help you out quite a bit. Thank you for watching this one first, not much information, but still important. My series of how to lose weight videos will go into full detail of how I lost weight so I can provide good quality information that all viewers can use to see the same weight loss results. I hope my find my information about what I have to say about weight loss useful and take it seriously as well. Obesity is a big problem these days and you have the power to get fit and healthy. Watching my series of how to lose weight videos will be helpful if you need a kickstart to the weight loss process or if you just need to lose a few pounds and finish up your weight loss journey. Losing weight is hard and it also seems to be somewhat of a science but over the years I feel as if I’ve become a master of know the whole weight loss process. This is why I believe I can help you out and get you to achieve your weight loss goals and help you understand how to lose weight. You’re not alone in this. I myself used to be obese but I lost a lot weight fast and you too can understand and apply the knowledge I’m provided to help you lose weight fast. Of course results are not guaranteed but if you want to know how to lose weight fast my videos should help. I lost 94 lbs in less than a year so you can bet I have some good information and can help you lose weight fast as well. My how to lose weight series is all about honest
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21 Responses to “How to Lose Weight (No BS!) [Intro]”

  1. I’ve added some good stuff in recent videos that I think will be entertaining. I’m always trying to improve though. Thanks for watching and good luck with football. How much does the college you’re attending want you to lose?

  2. Enthusiasm. Thats how you can make your videos more interesting. Get hyped. Im a senior in high school, 6’2 310 lb. Football player, OT. Im not round fat, Im packin some heat but I do need to lose weight. My journey starts TOMORROW. Getting ready for college football, wish me luck!

  3. Congratulations, that’s a victory itself. Hopefully I further help you with some of my advice!

  4. Hi, New to your channel.. I have lost 134 pounds so far without WLS.. Hardwork, clean eating.. looking forward to following your journey!! TINA

  5. Thanks a lot, however, I find it very hard to make these videos entertaining.

  6. I must say you’re on the right path and have an awesome mindset. Once someone looking to lose weight comes to the realization that they’re not only changing the body but the mind as well, that’s when any and every goal set gets crushed and the results come quick.

  7. I have watched all your videos and I am excited to follow your “giving back journey” I look forward to listen to what you have to offer and get pointers from you that I can work into my journey. I believe we are the CEO of our journey. I believe strongly in DEDICATION, MOTIVATION and MODERATION. Those are the foundation of my journey. I believe 100% that if we can CHANGE THE MIND we can CHANGE THE BODY for a life time. It is more than a number on a scale, been there done countless times. Rob

  8. I think it is so great that you are giving back! <3 Jules

  9. Future videos will be going into a lot more detail about that. To briefly answer your questions, yes it does involve diet and exercise. Don’t worry because I’ll also be explaining how to keep motivated and stick with the program. As far as my diet advice goes though, it’s really not that difficult. Exercise on the other hand will be a little bit more painful.

  10. hi ! Can please let us know what does your program involve? diet, exercise???I just need more info about your system before I subscribe so that i know its do able for me. thanks

  11. You are welcome

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  14. 20th of December 

  15. Wen is 6 months transformation coming

  16. Fitnessforlife365

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  18. that is very good and helpful.

  19. you’re welcome

  20. That was really helpful, Thanks.