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Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss Interview 2012: Actor Lost 1/4 of Body Weight

The actor has gone through a dramatic weight loss to play an AIDS patient. For more on this story, click here: abcnews.go.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss Interview 2012: Actor Lost 1/4 of Body Weight”

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  2. It’s mostly a publicity stunt. Now people will actually go and watch his boring aids movie just out of sheer curiosity.

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  4. Tom Hanks, Deniro, Christian Bale and tons if other Actors dropped tons of weight many times. M Mc knows about Nutrition and Exercise. He will b just fine !

  5. I thought he was doing a Movie on “Gallagher”

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  7. He probably won’t live very long … if he goes back to eating “cheese burgers” and “pizza hut buffet.” From CR (calorie restriction) principles as demonstrated for many decades in laboratory animals, if all dietary needs are met, life can actually be greatly extended by maintaining your weight at about 80% of your normal set-point weight (reached if you’re able to eat as much as you want), to the equivalent of humans living 120-150 years or more. Check it out. Take care people.

  8. For Hollywood, he’s still FAT !!!!

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  10. OMG!!! I saw a man propose at McDonalds today!.. the girl said no and took off!.. is that white trash???… hey, please check out my videos on my page please.. thanks :) i hope my comment was funny

  11. this is a big sacrifice some actors have to do. amazing how can be so skin.

  12. GetTheGrandFunkOut Reply December 22, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I wouldn’t starve myself for nothing! What if he develops gastroparesis and can’t gain his 40 pounds back? Plus his stomach has shrunk, gone into shock and may not hold a substantial amount of food to regain! He’s making no point with this! No AIDS patients would ask him to give up his health and trade places with them!

  13. Looking better than ever.

  14. stemfast

  15. he looks terrible

  16. ProfessorSassypants Reply December 22, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    I think it’s amazing discipline and great for his career but he does NOT look healthy or good. :/

  17. He looks awful…

  18. Wow…i think I gained the weight he lost lol

  19. Ewww. He is so skinny.

  20. EXTREME!!! weight loss.

  21. Im sure he did lose all this weight with so many Drs. and Nutritionist making sure his health was still good!!!! no one wants to die for a movie roll. so ya he lose weight but the smart way.

  22. I hope he realizes that he could be hurting his health in the long run. 

  23. Ew, he looks terrible!

  24. Wow the weight loss is outrageous. But you have to understand, Hollywood wants every actor or actress to become this somewhat of a “character”. In order to do that they have to do some ridiculous thing such as yo-yo diets to achieve perfection. I guess it comes with the territory to make a great storyline.

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