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Proving God, losing weight, and other stuff

Answering some of your questions. Subscribe to save a kitten. Kamikaze Ball workouts: – Promo: tinyurl.com – Push-ups: tinyurl.com – Channel: www.youtube.com Stalk me: Twitter.com Facebook.com Tumblr: DeanLeysen.Tumblr.com Music Brad Sucks (used with permission) Tags: DeanLeysen “Dean Leysen” OGFurious Furious science religion scientific religious God proof proving proven atheism atheist converted convert question weightloss “weight loss” “losing weight” “how to lose weight” exercise fitness BJJ “jiu jitsu” violence gaming games movies media

25 Responses to “Proving God, losing weight, and other stuff”

  1. Lemonboi Ovaninethousand Reply December 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm


  2. This guy is the man.

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  4. interesting video Mr.Dean!

  5. haha i love your stuff man, but just so i got this straight, you’re other channel is you putting on a fake accent and trolling and this channel is you being YOU? :P just curious haha

  6. eh…… :/

  7. You said you wanted scientific proof of the possible existence of God. Before I start I’m a christian and I respect all belief. I just want to inform you of a recent dicovery (if you haven’t heard of it yet). Search on google for Higgs Boson aka “God particle”. It’s a new field in particle physics and it opens whole new theories related to the creation of universe. It’s actually great to realise that Science and Religion can work together. Believe me it’s worth it if you search for it.

  8. Continuing from my previous comment, the religious take what would be regarded as fables and fairy tales in one set of stories and treat them as if they actually happened at some point in time.

    The Walking Dead:
    “People come back as walkers if their brain is still intact after initial death.

    Reality: “This cannot happen, if one is dead for too long their brain becomes useless.”

    Change topic:

    “Jesus came back from the dead after 3 days.”

    Theist: “This is true! It’s in the bible…”

  9. I agree completely on the God topic.  :)

    I consider myself an atheistic agnostic, and impartially deistic (meaning that I’m acceptant of the idea that a form of “ethereal by human-standards” being COULD exist) but I have humongous doubts it’s within the confines of traditional religious teachings. Believe that there may be a God out there is not identical to making me believe there was a “godman” who died for my sins or that this god man kept a man alive inside a giant fish for weeks.

  10. It’s obviously not people like you….

  11. So you need scientific proof to believe in god?

  12. Dean, when’s the next random fact video due???

  13. Talk about why pron isnt so good for you or does it effect you..?

  14. Tastyspanishpaella Reply December 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    you are a brilliant thinking man dean, respect!

  15. Tastyspanishpaella Reply December 22, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    sparing is when you practice fighting against another person, with the intention of improving your skill as opposed to hurting the person :)

  16. Dean, what Bjj school do you go? What belt are you? Do you do some form of striking as well?

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  18. what is sparing he keeps talking? you google and you get lot of options

  19. jijitsu or brazilian jijitsu

  20. Hey Dean, would a video on tips to better your self discipline be too much to ask?

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  22. To me, watching violent and gore movies have made me ‘numb’. I’ve seen couple real gore videos, and just couldn’t react in any way. Just kept thinking “bad guys killing other bad guys, not a big deal”, I just felt emotionally numb :

  23. Your videos are as great as your beard :) Keep ‘em coming Dean, brings a smile to my face and a lot of thoughts to my brain ;)

  24. Hey! been subscribed for a while and just thought of my first question!
    How much do scientists know about the brain?
    Exactly how complicated is the brain?

  25. this probably isn’t relevant ahah but where do you learn the content for your videos? a large source of books or something else?