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TLDR: Weight Loss, Shopping, Google OS, and Music Creation

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25 Responses to “TLDR: Weight Loss, Shopping, Google OS, and Music Creation”

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  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve heard about it and I will definitely try it.

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  4. we pay 89c for gas in australia

  5. Don’t stop you can do it!

  6. My brother Ray is writing a 1 page weight loss book. The book is called EAT LESS FOOD.

  7. onomatopoeia162003 Reply December 22, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    1 reason i shop online for.. I look for good Bundles.

  8. I do yoga 4x/week and boot camp 2x/week for my program

  9. Just jailbreak

  10. i always suffered from sleep paralysis since a child too… and i hate it

  11. sonic the hedgehog 1 cheat!!!

  12. Google OS it liunx

  13. You have to have a US itunes account on free apps to get credits… miserable buggers! :)

  14. My mums hotmail got hacked and she was sending out all kinds of crap.

  15. Good stuff as always, I, just tried the free app site… thanks!

  16. Have you and your wife had a chili eating contest?

  17. @lockergnome Diana lost my name, that doesn’t matter, I forgive you! *huggles*

  18. And this is IMO. But isn’t using giveaways and stuff breaking the system of youtube content. Using likes and favorites to get/give free stuff instead of just plain having good engaging content? Really? Im watching a video and enjoying it. Im not doing it to get free junk. Im not doing to support this “liking” contest going on amongst youtubers. Im watching because I just want to watch it and I’m “liking” it because I ACTUALLY LIKE IT.

  19. That being said, I try to share though word of mouth and other means to my friends and family. That helps the show more than likes anyway.

  20. Exactly. Im all for supporting TLDR but this is as bad as the people on Facebook going “Like if you (blah blah blah)”. Thats not the purpose of the like button!!!

  21. Oh man, I’ve had sleep paralysis and it is HORRIBLE! I’d be trying to open my eyes but they won’t open. The dream refuses to end even though I know I’m dreaming and actively trying to wake up and get out. I keep thinking; “Just get me out! Let me back into reality!” Its like panicking on the roller coaster you’re now trapped on.

  22. You don’t need to lose weight, you need to get some muscles, Chris = Scrawny.

  23. I don’t normally “like” vids on youtube except for those that are super good. I just watch and go. Sorry

  24. What happened to Dad? I thought you told us you were arranging for him to be back on.

  25. Agree