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Updated Weight Loss Video

xoxo will be uploading weight loss videos every week to two weeks! please if you have any suggestions or anything please leave it in a comment.
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9 Responses to “Updated Weight Loss Video”

  1. Keep it up! Your doing a great job!

  2. where i live there is a 24/7 gym. so that is nice here. Also My friends mom stop drinking diet coke and she lost a lot of weight. Also when i stop drinking coke and just ate salads and gave my self a treat at the end of each week. I lost 10 lbs in one week. then a little bit every week. I gained it all back but that is what worked for me. I would just stop drinking diet coke all together.

  3. def get some research on the juicing! I’ve always wanted to try it! Keep it up girl, you can do it! i’m trying to lose too but it’s mad hard:[ I keep losing motivation and determination and its so frustrating. :[ How do you stay motivated and determined?? The dream board is a mad good idea

  4. I apologize for all my comments, I just had so much to say! Here’s the rest of my LAST one: I don’t agree really with any form of unnatural weight loss, I’d really prefer to just do it naturally. However, I’m NOT knocking anyone who has done it unnaturally before!! I really apologize what I had to say was like 2-4 times longer than what I normally have to say, I was just really moved by this video you did! HUGS!!! <3 Look forward to your next video!! :)

  5. For me, chocolate is my downfall! I could eat chocolate in any way, shape, or form! Anyway, I would just keep drinking water, try & cut out sweets & sodas, I drink mostly water, sweet tea (I know the sweet part is bad, but hey, southerners LOVE their sweet tea, okay? Ha ha), & pick up a form of exercise. Speaking of exercise, I need to be doing that! Besides going to the gym, if you’ve got any tips, I’d appreciate them!

  6. Oh jeez, I said 2-3 comments, I apologize, maybe a little more than that. This video of yours just really touched my heart. Anyway, my mother really loved to cook & now that I am a college student, I don’t really have the time to cook so since I don’t live alone, we just go out most times & I know that isn’t good for you either. I guess my tips would be plenty of water which you already have that down, you drink more than I do! I would really try & cut out sweets.

  7. However, within the time that I have lost my mother & my grandmother so closely, I have not really been watching my weight at all. Before their passing’s I didn’t weigh what I do now & just after everything happened, I noticed I began to put on a lot. Now, I have NEVER been a really skinny woman, but, I want to lose weight too. I definitely know after losing my mother & grandmother, I just began to eat more at meal times which I know wasn’t good for me.

  8. Three years ago in February, I lost two very important people in my life. My grandmother died on Valentine’s Day & not even one full day later, 18 hours & 20 minutes precisely, my mother passed away. Even now, sometimes this is very hard for me to talk about, but, I do understand because after losing them, I began to just eat more than I maybe should have. Now, I’m southern & have absolutely NO problem classifying myself as a “foodie”, but I am definitely not a pig either.

  9. Oh, girly, I have so much to say about this video that you did, brace yourself–it may be in 2-3 comments, but I promise it’s all from my heart. Watching your weight loss video, I completely understand where you are coming from. Now, no, I am not a mother and I do not have children, but I do know how you feel. I did get teary watching your video because you mention depression. I am not clinically-depressed or been diagnosed with it or anything; but I know how you feel there too.