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Weight Loss Rant(My struggles)

Twitter:laysworld,instagram:laysworld101 and laysworld.com I was really hesitant uploading this video,but when I started this journey I promised to show the good and the bad. This weight loss journey has been one of the hardest things I’ve done and for me it’s embarrassing to show my constant failure when it come to my weight loss; however I know I’m not the only one struggling with this and I want to show other like me that it’s difficult like hell but I’m still determined and I will keep on battling to get the body I want.

For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael (Steve Carell) pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan). Jim (John Krasinski) misses Pam (Jenna Fischer) who attends art school in New York. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) attend to unfinished business. BJ Novak, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.
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16 Responses to “Weight Loss Rant(My struggles)”

  1. thank you so much,im still trying to push through and I do have the zumba workout which i do love. I just have to change my eating habbits,which is def the hardest part.

  2. Its ok to feel this way! Its hard. I had to my son three months ago which is my second child and Im still struggle. But I try and do alot of wii games like Just dance, Zumba and other games that keep you moving. Substituting things can help you like drinking water when you crave a soda or gatorade the low calorie one. Salads and oatmeal can be good. just keep going girl and keep your head up your such a beautiful women.

  3. thank you…im trying..day by day

  4. Be Motivated, Be Encouraged, Be You, be Blessed! 

  5. I’m TatumsMommy79!

  6. btw whats your name on the fitness app maybe we can pump each other,if you don’t mind.

  7. i had the fitness pal app but fell off of it,its sort of difficult tracking every meals when im so busy but when I was doing it ,I noticed how much it helped me.I think im going to start tracking my meals again.

  8. you are so right! my husband always tell me im beautiful and that he love my marks and it means a lot to him because of our kids…and I guess i was thinking more of what the world would think of it instead of seeing the true beauty of it.you def made me open my eyes, thanx! ;)

  9. it’s def a struggle and such an annoying one…i feel like it’s so simple to just know i want to lose weight and just do it but It’s not happening that way.im literally trying to take it one meal at a time

  10. thank you! i will be checking out your channel too

  11. I respect you so much for your honesty. It really is hard trying to lose post baby body. I too have some tummy stretch marks and scars from a gallbladder surg. I need to lose 15lbs so I started using the My Fitness Pal App. Amazing! It customizes your calorie intake which helps keep u accountable. I lost 3lbs the 1st week. Please try it along with your Zumba and keep us posted. Keep ur head up Doll.

  12. I respect you for being so open and honest. Post baby body is no joke. Like you, I now have stretch marks on my tummy as well as marks from a gallbladder surgery. The marks don’t bother me as much as the baby flab. Something that has helped me in the past 2 weeks is the My Fitness Pal App. It customizes a calorie plan for you to help you reach your goal. Its amazing how having to track your calorie intake makes you think twice about what you’re eating. I lost 3lbs the first week. Good Luck Doll!

  13. stretch marks quote A mark for every breath you took every blink every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes, and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn’t very pretty anymore. Some may even think its ugly. That’s ok. It was your home. It held you until my arms could and for that, i will always find something beautiful in it.

  14. Weight loss is a hard journey to walk. But its easier than the other paths i have to walk. I’ve been doing a weight loss thing for 16 ish weeks now. I understand the not liking how you look i feel the same.

  15. It’s ok keep ur head up I’m struggling with weightloss too I lost 40pds now I’ve been at a straight plateau even gained 6 back I fell off with working out and honey bread and graham crackers are my downfall oh and icecream and pumpkin donuts but I just keep trying every week I tell myself ok we can do this sometimes I get to the gym once twice a week or not at all the key is dont give up its a long hard journey but u will eventually see results keep at it

  16. Hi there. I have subscribed. Please subscribe back and we can keep each other motivated. We can do this.