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Weight Loss Side Effects

Weight Loss Side Effects

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Side Effects”

  1. i use to do cardio sometimes at 12 oclock at night not to burn calories but jus cuz i had your problem couldnt sleep and had to do something to take my mind off pizza. its actually about the only solution, that or sex

  2. inspiration. when you have low body fat, you looked just like bruce lee in Enter the Dragon. Salute you and salute Bruuuuuuuuuuce Leeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Turbo!!!!

  4. put a small baked potato wrapped in foil in your pocket and when you cant remember your own telephone number eat the potato…. Sylvester Stallone making Rambo 2

  5. i was under 7 % bf and i couldnt even sleep at night .. restless leg syndrome

  6. Thank you for explaining the side effects! After I were shredding DAILY I almost couldn’t remember anything when I was reading for tests etc, and my temprament became unstable because of beeing hungry all the time.

  7. How many of the youtubers that say they are natural are? i doubt some at times. Full of chemicals more like.

  8. “naturally aspirated”

  9. IT MIGHT BE 116KG

  10. Only unhealthy if its a flash diet. In your case losing 35 lbs is possible but try losing 1 lb a week to 2 lbs depending on your body fat.

  11. I read an article about Matt Damon losing 50lbs for the movie Courage Under Fire and he almost died. He went from 185 to 135 and his heart shrank prematurely amongst other health problems. Im 210 and wan’t to get down to 175 but if it’s that unhealthy to drop that much weight, I’ll pass.

  12. TheCorporationNobody Reply December 22, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    very wise comments, aside from the hard-on morning clock. I remember that branch warren, although not natural said he had hard times while cutting, not able to sleep and things like that, cool topic, salute you on a daily man!

  13. omg that is why i cant memorize anything in exam i should increase my bodyfat

  14. Peanuts only all day lui n water? I need to cut n lose 20 pounds.

  15. ive been there, up your carbohydrates .

  16. my fat caliper says that I have about 7-8% fat. My bmi ok, about 23 but I am feeling exhausted and I lose mass and strength week by week. I can’t focus on my work and my memory is really weak. I can’t remember anything too. I don’t know if it’s the bodyfat percentage but something really hinders me from everything recently… I eat very clean but its hard to get enough calories with only clean food. Could you recommend me healthy, highcaloric/low-carb food? I am losing everything I worked for..

  17. Make a video on Zyzz

  18. 10% bf is awesome. I’d love to get there

  19. That begining was really off putting

  20. Eat clen, tren hard

  21. hey lui your arms are insane you look awesome bro :)

  22. yea pre much

  23. lol those were some funny pics lui thanks for sharing mon loup

  24. I lost a lot of fat this year. I am now comfortable in 100F temps, but I get cold if the temp is 70F or less.