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Drop Sets vs. Super Sets To Build Muscles

www.hulsestrength.com CLICK HERE to build some Biologically Superior Muscle! Elliott’s Facebook www.FacebookElliott.com In this video Elliott talks how to use drop sets and super sets for gaining muscle mass, strength and size. NICK NILSSON’S YouTube Channel, as I mentioned in the video www.youtube.com ELLIOTT’S BOOKS & PRODUCTS: The Grow Stronger Method: growstrongermethod.com Lean Hybrid Muscle: buildhybridmuscle.com Gridiron Domination: www.footballstrengthprogram.com YO Elliott T Shirt: tinyurl.com Strength Camp T Shirt: tinyurl.com
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25 Responses to “Drop Sets vs. Super Sets To Build Muscles”

  1. I was asking Elliot his opinion, but the Theory is that with compound exercises the weakest link is strained the most and drops out first.

    Pre-Exhausting presumably weakens one link to make it the weakest.


  2. well if you pre exhaust with laterals, youd burn out the shoulders and farther involve the triceps wouldbnt you?

  3. Elliot,

    What do you think of Pre-Exhaust…..

    Like doing a set of Lateral Raises to Failure and then immediately doing a set of Behind-The-Neck Presses…..

    {To turn it into a pure Deltoid exercise, instead of mainly hitting Triceps and Trapezius…}


  4. I’ma Super-Drop Set!!!

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  10. What if Im trying to gain strength and mass, basically i’am attempting to gain muscle strength and endurance for fighting. I see mass as endurance, and strength as strength(power). So for example for my chest, would both strength and mass training mixed work out? FYI I can bench around 140 for 10 reps about 2 times n I drop set from their, so should I do about 3 strength sets of 150 or 160 with 5 reps? then for mass(endurance) drop set from their while increasing reps, would this work?Plz reply

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  17. I think the question was using a superset for the same body part but a different movement like doing flat bench press then immediately going into a set of pec dec fly’s for example.

  18. hey eliot or anyone who knows please help- my question is this can you build and have both endurance and strength. if you only train endurance youll never be strong but if you only lift heavy youll never have endurance i usually train heavier for strength but can i also throw light weight workouts and actually gain endurance while still getting stronger? or is it pick a side

  19. Hi, I am 5″9′ and I weight 154 lbs. I am not overweight, dont want to lose weight. I just want to lose fat, look leaner. What do I do to burn fat and gain muscle without losing weight?

  20. Poo in my eye

  21. Well you can superset same or opposing muscle groups. You can even superset quads and chest. A tri-set if 3 exercises and a giant set is 4+ exercises. But those are all for the same muscle groups. 4+ lifts in a row for all muscle groups is a circuit

  22. Hi Elliott! I just want to tell you that your videos are very informative and motivational! Thanks for the videos!

  23. There are two types of super set:

    1) performing sets of exercises for opposing muscle groups consecutively. (like Elliott described).


    2) performing one set of different exercises consecutively for the SAME muscle such as Flat bench followed by incline and or then decline press.

    I find tht opposing muscle groups are a bit easier to do and gives a good pump.Same muscle grop i find is more demanding and difficult you have to be conditioned and disciplined to train.

    I incorporate both!

  24. You are also right that method of training is also called super set! hmm i guess the version of different exercises one after the next for same muscle super set is kinda also a type of drop set ;)

  25. Elliot supporting Team Europe in the Ryder Cup this weekend…