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25 Responses to “MOTIVATION – BE THE BEST YOU”

  1. ..sooo what your point? … only thing im saying is this kind of people
    like you are not even successful in life because you say ur not special you are !! everyone is special and btw kill yourself

  2. Thank you

  3. Thanks

  4. eric thomas. the most motivational man on earth

  5. Eric Thomas - The Hip Hop Preacher.

  6. Who is the speaker?

  7. Every one is a Jordan or an Ali in their own way.

  8. He’s not saying everybody is a Jordan or an Ali. If you were listening, he said that you will be you and be the best that you can be. He’s saying that you find out what your talents are, what you’re good at, and if you put the time in it, you will be the best that you can be. So if you put your time into being less of an asshole, you might be the best that you can be as well.

  9. love this video! wich energi i feel wen i ledsen to this :)

  10. those who disliked this are copycat sheeps of the masses

  11. so true 2:00 ! ):

  12. you are a pessimist

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  15. Let’s strive to be better than we already are and end the year Strong!

  16. shut up you fool, you’re a bitch ass who won’t make it, you’re SOFT!!!

  17. BE YOU

  18. such a good video

  19. Can you please remove Lance Armstrong punk ass? Laugh out loud!

  20. the 16 dislike disgusted and disturbing to me

  21. dennamotivacia1991 Reply December 23, 2012 at 1:35 am

    You make the best motivational videos on youtube. Thank you.

  22. I love 2:55-3:00

  23. You are not special like this “motivational speaker” says you are. Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the guys pictured in this video has a much better message than this. Listen to his speeches.

  24. and btw guys these are the people you should never listen to !! this guys wants to stop you !! well you know what ! these always wished that it always happened , but they were not strong enough as you !! SO Give me a break Daniel Laufenberg

  25. well do you think these guys never dedicated ?! are you kidding me ?! you can be these guys if you always believe and dedicate !! …. “Some people want it to happen , other people wish it happen , some people make it happen. – Michale Jordan … and that you should do !! YOU ARE THE GREATEST IF YOU WANNA BE!! so think of this before you comment a post