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Go Green – Nutritional Benefits Of Mint – Tips For Healthy Eating

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4 Responses to “Go Green – Nutritional Benefits Of Mint – Tips For Healthy Eating”

  1. “Low fat” is meaningless to me. I would have to look at that paper but I don’t have the time. If you are saying low-carb-induced metabolic derangement is fully reversible, I think the jury is out on that. Epigenitic studies suggest this is not the case.

  2. Animal studies are often used to test specific variables for analytic purposes. I have included other studies elsewhere using normal foods. You don’t seem to understand how experimentation works. There is no reason “grass fed” would change the basic properties of these foods as their ill-effects are explained mechanistically by issues inseparable from their basic structure.

  3. You are also implying that only experts who like low carb or paleo should be considered. This is obviously a reflection of your bias. Only professionally invested low carb authors should be considered experts should be referenced? Give me a break.

  4. Thanks for watching. I think you mean Shai. You are being misleading. Obviously every study is not from a low carb promoter. Did you notice the titles, “The Best Low Carb Research…”? That’s what I was referring to. Just because you do not have a book by Shai or someone else promoting low carb that does not mean they are not highly competent to conduct a study, or else Atkins wouldn’t have funded them. I have hundreds of references so I wasn’t referring to every one as from a low carber.